Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Buyer's Guide appeared new car!

"To buy a new car without reading this is like driving with your eyes closed." - That is modest opinion Clarkson on the Top Gear Buyer's Guide of new cars.  Well, we will not take us ┼čchiopu'-n crutches now say it is not so and that Jeremy exaggerating in any way.

 Buyer's Guide (or - if you want - third edition of the Catalogue of TopGear tests) bring the 228 pages about all cars currently sold in the country, each of them being her for a verdict.  (I used "about" just to not seem boastful.'re All 344, in fact.)

Cover may be causing it that you think of almanacs '80s, but everything else is brand new - including format, which is more airy.  Ie you enough information that you do not need, so that among all those that are really relevant when it comes to make a purchase on four wheels.

 If you're not clear what Buyer's Guide ...  Well, almost everything TopGear knows about cars, from superminis to supercars.  Yes, we know, we used the new "bit".  But, again rightly about ...