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The front suspension Achilles heel. If it is in perfect condition, excellent car behaves. But bushings tend to wear out quite quickly and appear vibrations in the steering wheel when braking, especially in the range of speed 100Km / h - 70 km / h Found on the net a lot of material about E28 BMW's suspension and remedial solutions.

Direction is by recirculation ball mechanism. A solution obsolete. Prompt response is less than one direction rack. In addition, over time, get game steering boxes. Although there is a screw off the game, it can not be cancelled completely, especially after turnovers of over 150,000 km. So, think you have to accept less games in direction.

Kinematics chain from the output shaft to rotate the steering box contains not less than 5 arms and 6 bolts (!), However, has a good reliability and pivots (bar ends) from belittle change direction very easy.

The rear suspension is very solid. A possible exception is the sub frame bushings that attach the body (although very hard to replace). Post 1984 models are preferable since they were introduced to the mini-power link connecting the sub frame and suspension arms provide a more rigorous geometry (mini-power link that is present at E34 and E32, so E28 interchangeable). Check the last time they were changed dampers

An E28 has good brakes, but not spectacular. Top of the range models have ABS. Ventilated discs front, solid discs at the rear. The good news is that they can be transformed into spectacular brakes: front brakes (discs hangers through this understanding callipers brake pads) can be obtained without any change in the 7 Series E32 (preferably) or 5 Series E34 and rear brakes from series 5 E34. Note that, if the brakes retrieve E32 / E34, you need rims min. 15 ".

In models with M30 engine, is hydraulically assisted braking circuit. Works perfectly, but when older, make more problems than pneumatically assisted braking. Hydraulic brake booster pressure accumulator depends, to be replaced after approx. 120,000 Km.

Note: versions with hydraulic assisted braking and ABS, when you have the engine running and the car seat, pressing the brake pedal will suddenly find that it is somewhat elastic that it can reach almost to the floor. No matter how strange it may seem, is a normal behaviour. Obviously, provided that there are no leaks brake fluid, or air in the circuit.

Depending on their age and condition of the car, rubber hoses brakes (6 in number) may have been changed.

E28 has too few electronic components can be damaged. But it does not bypass the usual electrical problems.

Engines are preferred Medtronic management (get rid of Delco). Top of the range models have ABS.

Failure to reset the service indicator mean you should change the batteries in your dashboard. Pay attention to thorough cleaning of all the fuses and their sockets. Type fuses are old (as the Dacia 1300) and oxidizes quickly. Also, clean the cables that connect the motor to the table. You: negative cable from the battery, the cable that connects the rocker arms cover the bulkhead between engine and passenger compartment, the cable that connects the engine to the chassis right support.

The wheel arches have firewall, and water and entrained particles directly Sandblast wheels and wings of the wheel. Although corrosion protection is pretty good, attention to rust in the wheel arches, the ends thresholds, lower doors, around the rear lights under trunk weather-strips.

If the car has wheels TRX (200/60x390 recognize them after encoding type or 220/55x390 the wheel), note that it is practically impossible to find replacement tires. Need to replace the rims and tires 15 ", 16" or 17 ".

For sporty, ideal size is 225/50x16 on wheels E28 7.5 "x16" ET20.

The economy (within a good ride), I recommend 205/60x15 on rims 7 "x15" ET20, taken from an E34/E32.

Columns "B" of the body (of the doors) have a bad habit of cracking even in the place where the catch ceiling. Revolve problem with welding done professionally.

Exhaust dies after about 150,000 km and it is not cheap to replace it, if you use original BMW parts. But the Arabs Colentina cheap and reasonably good parts.

Trunk weather-strip from aging and often let water flow in the trunk. No wonder if you find rust under the seal and around the rear lights.

E28 has two fuel pumps: one auxiliary tank, the main one outside it. The tank breaks down frequently. Car only main pump goes OK, but you might notice overworked and hesitation when the fuel tank is below 1/4.

After buying an E28, I recommend you immediately change all fluids: oil (filter) engine oil, gearbox oil, differential oil (ATF) steering, coolant, brake fluid.



M30 engine (6-cylinder), available on the 525i, 528i, 535i, are the most reliable. If they were properly maintained, you should not consume any oil, even after 300,000 km. Has distribution through chain. Cylinder head needs some help after approx. 500,000 km (seals new valve rectification offices, distribution chain, and so on), but gear can withstand engine block in good condition until at 800,000 Km. Still have antiquated architecture and electronic management is also primitive, with negative effects on power consumption litter of gasoline.

To watch:

- Main problem: camshaft wear. At M30, camshaft lubrication is poor. The smallest problem Circuit lubrication can lead to rapid wear of the cam. Check 12mm bolts attaching the oil platform are properly tightened. Preferably new model with a milling head bolt circle. Check that no pins are worn (not hang nail when they go over the top);

- Like cylinder head gasket changed after approx. 15 .. 18. It does not cost much, but it's laborious. Check the spark plug color. If one (or more) are questionable clean, as would have been in a steam bath, suspected cylinder head gasket problems, or even holes in the cylinder head.

- M30 engine oil should not drink and should not fight. If you see blue smoke in the exhaust is very serious;

- Not worrying if it starts to "Key quarter," but it's not normal to start after more than 3 .. 4 seconds of actuation of the starter;

- Distribution of M30 is noisy. In addition, injectors loony lot. A M30, at idle, it sounds almost Diesel;

- With the engine idling, remove the oil dipstick must cause a noticeable worsening. Otherwise, false means that the engine draw air somewhere;

- Rubber hoses that feed fuel rail must be replaced at about 100,000 km. Check especially rubber hose from the ramp to the cold start injector. This gives the first and, if cracked, can cause a fire;

- M30 engine because of its weight, its supports must be replaced at least every 5 years. Otherwise, you risk becoming too elastic, and the powerful brakes tends to push the radiator fan.

M20 engine (6-cylinder), available on the 520i, 525e, are not as reliable as the M30, but not far from it. Instead, have a more modern design, electronics better and easier to maintain. Recognize them easily by the fact that they cast belt.

To watch:

- Change the belt right after you bought the car, unless you are 100% sure you know when it was changed last time.

M10 engine (4-cylinder) are available on 518 / 518i. Distribution chain. Almost as reliable as the M30 (basically derived from M10 to M30, which were added 2 cylinders).

Given the age engines, change oil filter max. 5000 km (mineral oil / semisynthetic) or 8000 km (synthetic oil), if you want to keep the car. Because engines are designed in the 60's .. 70's internal tolerances are larger and rather more viscous oils.

If you use mineral oil, look for a high quality, 20W50 10W40 in summer and winter. If you use synthetic oil, do not fall below 10W40.

M30 engines feel very good with Castrol RS 10W60 synthetic oil (that's right, very expensive).


Avoid automatic gearbox versions. Automatic transmission on the E28 gives up to 200,000 kilometres.

Sports manual gearbox (those that I step down, then he mated with III and IV to V) have direct and stage V sockets are the most fun to drive, but not crazy about the reliability. Most robust Getrag manual gearbox are 260/6, with direct plug stage IVa and V of overdrive. Recognize them by the fact that they cast clutch housing (Primary) and have longitudinal cooling fins on the bottom of the box.

All boxes Getrag, after 100,000 km, flowing back to the oil seal. Also, all come harder in speed when oil is cold box. Race exchanger is quite long and does not favor rapid changes of speed.

In boxes, just put mineral oil API GL4. GL5 oils contain sulphur and attack synchrony.

Clutches hold well over time. Are actuated hydraulic cylinders so check state master / slave. M30 engines, it is normal for the clutch to require slightly higher down force than a clutch 3 Series E30. There are rare cases in which the support plate clutch master cylinder crack and be welded.

Shaft, especially on models with engines larger than 2.8l, catch couplings game, especially at the rear (the differential). Unfortunately, quality car couplings disappointing, and almost all were playing After 150,000 km, especially on models with powerful engines.

Differentials are strong, but their pads checked. Top of the range models have LSD differential. Differential housings are two types of "small" (has both caps, filling and emptying, back cover) and "large" (filler cap is on the back cover, the drain on the left side). Differential "small" is interchangeable with that of the E30 (just take the back cover and worldwide flanges on the E28) and gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of reports. Differential "high" was installed on top of the range model and is less common, so hard to find other reports.


518 / 518i - is avoided. Although the motor M10 is as reliable as an M30, power is still too small for an E28 body. Maybe it would be interesting a 518i, the first rear-wheel drive car to a young man who just took driver's license: body gives good protection in case of accident, the engine is lively but not allow excesses. In addition, it is a good platform to learn / practice auto mechanics. However, to avoid carburettor version.

520i and 525e - The ideal choice if you want something powerful, but at a minimum fuel consumption. M20 engine is, in terms of conception and electronics, the most modern available on the E28 (M88 engine except the M5). The 525e engine has good torque, but refuses to be joined - it behaves almost like a diesel. On the other hand, 520i climb nimbly shifts, but provides a lower torque and eat some more.

524d / 524td - avoid. Equipped with M21, the first diesel engine from BMW. Although it is a reliable engine, is far outweighed by the current diesels. Dynamic performance is, again, weak. If you still want necessarily a diesel, set 524td (turbo) 115 hp.

525i - Not bad, but there are better options. Although, 150 hp and equipped with M30 engine, renowned for its reliability, it seems a good choice, it is better to look for a 528i, which has 184 hp, has the same engine (other displacement) and consumes about as much .

528i - The ideal choice if you prefer sporty, but it will not care how much you spend on gas. Although the 2.8l M30 engine has 184 horsepower, up from the 218 hp of the 3.5l M30 engine from the 535i, a compression ratio of 9.3:1 accept unleaded, regular (CO 95). 528i 535i consumes about as much as (just an idea less in town), but the 2.8l engine feels better at higher speeds than the 3.5l.

535i / M535i - top of the range. Do not be fooled by the "M" in the model name M535i. The engines are identical to those in 535i. Settings differ only the suspension (springs, dampers) and kit front bar rear trunk spoiler skirts (known as "M-Tech Kit"). There are two types of engine 3430 cc M30 available: one 218 hp and one 185 hp. The difference resulting from compression ratio: 10:1, or 8:1 (resulting from the use of different pistons: the "hump" and the "dip").

218 hp engine is the most powerful available on the E28, except for M5. However, considering the fact that the compression is not new, run the risk of problems if you do not use gasoline CO 98 or more ($ co yours!).

185 hp version has a catalyst. Low compression ratio allows it to work with any gas. In terms of dynamic 528i is similar, but offers two main advantages: better torque and electronic management Motronic (L-Jetronic from the 528i).

Another interesting aspect: 185CP engine turbo M106 is identical to the E23 7 Series 745i, minus turbo, turbo accessories and sodium cooled exhaust valves. By installing a turbo kit can easily be brought to 300 .. 350 hp (and not recommended to go more than this value, because there is a little touch on the transmission and suspension from the E28).

M5 - Super Car! The first BMW M5 history. M88 3.5l engine and the 286 hp version had a catalytic converter available in the U.S., as S38 and offering 256 hp. S38 engine was further developed and continued the E34 M5, reaching 315 hp, then 340 hp. If you have an E28 M5're one of the lucky owners of BMW in the world. The car is absolutely fabulous. One thing is to remember: engine M88 / S38 is demanding, difficult to maintain and a lot of money.

There is a car for those with tight purse.

Recommendations at a glance:

- 528i, for sportsmanship, but in terms of cost saving gasoline;

- 535i to 218 hp for maximum sportiness (without limitation fuel costs);

- 185 hp 535i, 528i kind, with more torque, and you will be turbo can sometime;

- 525e to low;

- 520i, 525e kind, but something more dynamic;

- M5 perfection (as long as money is not a problem);

- 518i, BMW only in the first position of a young man who has just got his driving license.

Avoid: 518, 524d, 524td.

Technical issues recommendations (for E28 features)

E28 BMW Buyer's Guide PRO and AGAINST

5 Series E28 is basically the latest generation of the BMW 5 Series designed to provide a sporty family car. Generations of the 5 Series (E34, E39, E60), although continued sporting tradition, but made serious compromises to comfort advantage.

For the "purists" BMW 5 Series E28 is E24 6 Series with the most powerful BMW "shark nose". In terms of spottiness, E28 is even more agile than E24 because the latter is more difficult.

Low weight (about 1250 . 1400 Kg, depending on the model) and allows a better distribution of loads to be more athletic E28 than a E34 and even face some newer BMWs (sure, we refer to engines similar powers). However, it is a bad choice as a track car - an E30 is more suitable.

Behaviour of an E28 road is good, provided that the suspension be in perfect condition. Sure, do not expect to keep up with modern BMWs (suspension design is, however, overwhelmed by today's standards).

However, unlike BMWs new separating the driver from the car with too many electronic control systems, E28 provides very good feedback on the road. Machine sends all the details - just them "read".

You will be surprised to find that inside is more space in a E28 than a E34 or E39? I do not know to explain why.

E28 BMW's reliability is above average, being only slightly after 5 Series E34 in this chapter. E34 is considered (arguably) BMW with the best reliability - E28 is still exceeded the reliability of electrical equipment (which abound in E34 and E28 are very rare).

Engines are, as almost any BMW, renowned for their reliability.

into dialogue yet so old (are 18 years old), is unlikely to find an E28 in perfect condition. Furthermore, thanks to laws that restricted the import of used cars, almost all E28 BMWs now legally registered in Romania entered the country before 1995, so they roll long stages on the roads and streets of poor quality in Romania. In addition, this means that it is likely that, in their long history in Romania, to be hit in the hands of owners who have dog catcher simply.

Although average purchase price of an E28 is super attractive - is around 1000 .. 2800 EUR, depending on model and condition technique - you should expect to will still cost at least 1000 EUR bring the car to a decent technical condition. Unless you are lucky the way out and got one of the rare E28 appropriately groomed.

In terms of equipment and features, the E28 is a Spartan car, even primitive compared to today's standards. Air conditioning was optional. There was no pollen filter. There was no airbags or belt tensionless. ABS - available only on high-end models. No way to other electronic systems support management. However, the lack of such equipment now considered "standard" in your car is not necessarily a disadvantage: the remarkable reliability of the car is due to this very simple. In terms of passive safety, E28 chassis proved very well to protect occupants in case of impact, even without airbags. With one condition: that is not affected by rust, the critical elements conceptually takeover shock on impact.

Engines, although very reliable (especially M30) are far behind the times. Except for the M5 M88 engine, all have two valves per cylinder and classic design - from 5500 RPM to 5000 .. starting to ceiling. Reported in displacement, power output of these engines stirs ironic smiles now. In addition, consume more fuel, some even a lot of gasoline. These disadvantages inherent add wear (rarely find an engine that ran under 200,000 km).

Another major disadvantage is the E28's drag coefficient very low (0.37 .. 0.39, depending on the model). For this reason, the same engine power, top speed is significantly lower other newer models, but with better aerodynamics. For example, the speed of an E60 5 Series 525i (192 hp) is 238 km / h (drag: 0.28), while a 5-Series E28 535i (218 hp) maximum catch 225 km / h Even the E28 M5 286 HP does not exceed 245 km / h Compare with E60 530i for 231CP, which is limited electronically to 250 km / h


The information below is based on my own experience, almost 5 years (at time of writing this document), the owner of a BMW 5 series E28 535i. We preferred to present their own conclusions, but to synthesize materials that already exist on the Web - to find a lot of information in this regard.

Relevant comments and corrections are welcome.

The first recommendation that I can start: do not buy an E28, if you are in the unlikely situation of having a passion for BMWs 80s.

E28 BMW 5 Series is not the kind of car for the general public. It was in the '80s and early '90s. Unfortunately, when not everyone could afford it. But now is the time a car exceeded, only the passionate search.

If you want to buy a second hand car and respond positively to at least one of the following situations:

- Want a family car, reliable and relatively economical;

- The only car in the family;

- Machine to be run, currently, by a lady or lady;

- Attaches great importance to comfort, passive safety systems, driver assistance electronic systems;

- Do not have, family, anyone to make the maintenance of a car a passion (and also have enough time for that);

- The car is a means of travel in itself and not an object of sentimental value;

- Along with the necessary amount of purchase, yet not already have min. 1000 EUR in next 2-3 months after purchase, on which I spent only to restore the technical condition of the car;

- Will not allow current maintenance costs (parts, service and fuel) at least double that of a Dacia;

- Intend to keep the car max. 2-3 years, then you can hope to resell;

then we urge you to NOT buy a BMW 5 series E28, however attractive as its price.

BMW 5 Series platform coded "E28" took place between 1981 and 1988. Is a second-generation 5 series, 5 series is preceded by code "E12" and followed by the 5 Series code "E34".

Full list of BMW E28, offered in Europe is available at this link. There were other market specific models (for example: 533i in the U.S.).

In terms of design, BMW E28 chassis was very conservative, being practically a restyling of the previous generation, E12. Easily noticed some differences: the E28, hood not "cover" wings, as the E12. Seen from the front, the car looks more aggressive. Of the four lights, two outside larger in diameter (as in E23 7 series). The boot is taller and tail lights are different. Different key pillar vent the "C" of the body. At E12, the column "B" (the doors) is visible, while the E28, no. Obviously, the interior is much different (especially the dashboard). However, the windows fit from E12 to E28 and vice versa. Otherwise, however, there are very few common parts between E12 and E28. In terms of mechanics, E28 was a modern platform when it was launched. Very modern.

E28 mechanics is taken and the E24 6 Series since late 1982. That's why BMW E24 platform is the only code that, under the same name, includes two totally different mechanical variants: E24-powered E12 - until 1982, then-powered E24 E28 until the end of production. Setting aside the particular body, then talk about what E28 is perfectly valid and E24 models based on the E28.

Mechanical E28 was so successful that one be found almost unchanged on the next generation 5 Series E34 (certainly damped springs adapted to a heavier body) and the 7 Series E32 (same, with the necessary adaptations). So mechanics designed in the early '80s was used on BMW upper classes (series 5 and 7) until 1995.

Pros and Cons - Overview

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Guidelines on hybrid cars

At the launch of the first BMW Active Hybrid I discovered surprised hybrids were regarded with great suspicion: "How's that going hybrid but only three kilometers in electric mode? Well, what's good? Electric that engine is bullshit!" General confusion continued with an advertisement announcing a French builder hybrid technology on a model that did not even have electric motor, "What the hell is going on here? Hybrid What is this? They mock us?"

Things have changed somewhat since then (it's been two years) and hybrid-electric confusion is not so present. However, blurring persists, fueled by staggering terms invented by marketing people zealous "micro-hybrid", "auto start-stop hybrid technology", "brake energy regeneration." Anyone who wants to say "WTF!" Meeting with these words, has the right...

Much plan my comeback blog with some explanations of alleged specialist and encouraged by the initiative's teaching Zvoner, I'll have written:

What the hell is a hybrid car?

First, the secret is hidden in the word. "Hybrid" means the combination of the two issues, in this case the two forms of propulsion. The most common form is the combination of internal combustion engine with one or more electric motors. But we can imagine other combinations, although I do not think there was ever in practice: steam, gasoline, and hydrogen-gasoline.

Secondly, the key is to understand the problem solved by hybrid. No hybrid is intermediate technological solution because we have the technology for a truly electric. The problem was different: when braking, accelerating all the fuel consumed prior was wasted. In other words "burn gas for nothing."

The solution was simple - instead of a friction brake (pad-disc), make a brake with an electric generator. The result - the energy of motion (kinetic) energy is converted into electricity. Imagine a giant bicycle dynamo (for sports fans), when you stick the wheel, bicycle brakes.

In other words, a distinctive element model "hybrid" as we find in the market is Electric motor. It can break with an electrical generator. The generator can be used simply as you go through the same cycle electric motor backwards - electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy - motion.

A first classification of hybrid models can be done as "influential" is the electric motor:
- Full hybrid, the electric motor can propel one car (Toyota Prius and BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid)
- Mild hybrid, the electric motor only supports moving along the internal combustion (Mercedes S-Class Hybrid)
- Micro-hybrid - there is an electric motor, but no concept of "braking power generator" so-called "Brake Energy RECUPERATION / regeneration".

And they can make a second classification, as the link between the two types of engines and wheels:
- Parallel hybrid, both engines can train wheels (and then have full, mild, etc.).
- Hybrid series, the internal combustion engine not involve wheels, drives a generator that produces electricity for another electric motor. It seems a very complicated scratching the ear wrong, but the system is successful Chevy Volt and Opel Ampera with. The "series hybrid" describes the concept of "range extender", is empowering electric motor with an internal combustion engine.
- For rigorous, there is "two-mode hybrid" which combines the first 2 Category in a single system.

Need to understand a complicated expression and are almost done with grief: "Brake Energy RECUPERATION / regeneration". That is not what it seems.
Be aware that any machine "normal" is battery and has a generator (which appoints alternator auto mechanic). This "generator" is permanently coupled to the engine and uses the engine power to charge the battery permanently (and car battery starts supplying all electric car - lights, radio, wipers). Modern solution is simple - the acceleration Disconnect alternator to have more power from the engine to the wheels. Braking load on the battery quickly. So I have more power on acceleration and lower fuel consumption.
Demanding, for customer benefits are impressive, it is called "Brake Energy Regeneration". The secret is to have a generator (which still exists), but how and when they use it.

And conclude with another information "surprising". Electric motor is on any modern car for more than 50 years. He is called "starter", "starter" or "electric". Its role is to print the first rotation engine to start. No "starter" car porn "to handle".
Just one last explanation: Auto Start-Stop system, which helps to not consume fuel unnecessarily when sitting at traffic lights, for example. Problem is that everything on and off this site require starter who can give more. Parallel hybrid models (I learned something today), the system can use the electric motor to start the internal combustion - is smoother, simpler and faster. Replacing starter classic, powerful electric motor justify the term "Auto start-stop hybrid technology."

There are a few secret "dirty" about hybrid models to be taken into account. Firstly we are not yet able to build efficient batteries. Anyone worked with phone charger in your pocket for the battery begins to discharge in 30 minutes, know what I mean. Batteries used for hybrid and electric cars are lithium ion battery as used on laptops and modern phones.

Batteries are relatively heavy, with motor vehicle more difficult. This means that a hybrid model is often less effective than a classic one outside the city, where no "benefit" of repeated braking. But solutions begin to appear, with a very intelligent management system, BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid begin to announce some interesting ideas.

Eventually, technology, hybrid models are still passing into power. Some of the technologies that are found are developed for hybrid electric are easily taken, batteries, motors and braking power generation. The advantage is that it is implemented quickly and in large volumes of hybrid models to achieve an "economy of scale".

Shopping guide to car seats for children

What could be more important than the safety of our own children? Are safety car seats for their children, or just a fad? Studies show that in a car that runs with a speed of 48 km / h, when a collision, a child weighing 9 kg is designed with a momentum of 275 kg * m / s It is unlikely that a parent can protect their child in such situations. Real conclusion is that yes we need these devices. The role of these car seats car is not just to provide some comfort, he summarizes the entire child's needs car. Is a car seat that you find in most stores but remain the most appropriate specialized physical or online stores that deal exclusively and are dedicated only to children and especially babies?

Car seats car due to the advancement in technology may be anchoring the car seatbelt or sofa, this system became mandatory for car manufacturers, but attention parents frequently encountered mistake is not using additional clamping system (anchor) seat self. We talk about a wide range when it comes to seat design, its form, find various designs, colors and prints of pouch cover you, and depending on the model you want after your possibilities need or materials.

Recommendations for car seats are not and are not random, to have or acquire such a product is not enough, we recommend parents to do a little bit rough study to document baby car seat before deciding on the final model as they are dispensed into appropriate age groups and depending on the child's weight. Please note that these are rigorously tested and verified they are approved and certified in accordance with European standards.

If we allow some suggestions to help you to target your child seat according to age.

Child car seat group 0.1 (0 - 18kg) Remi Plus car seat with a nice design, practical, equipped with extra pillows that can be removed when baby grows, the colors are different.

The age group 1,2,3 (9 - 36kg) you can choose a car seat Star Comfort quality and price is good Alagi with an anatomical shape that provides good comfort children, this form ensures enhanced protection from side impact, setting the car is 3 points (sliding or fixed), a model of car seat easy to install on any type of car and of course we detachable backrest allowing later when child grows its transformation uplifting self assembly. For the most discerning of parents we have a range like Deluxe City Traveller car seat that is found in the new range of products Safety Rider protects all body areas, robust adjustable headrest, backrest of the car seat can be adjusted in different positions thanks setting it offers a good resting position for the child.

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hello world

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Guide a beginner raider
If you are reading this, then you are at least curious what this word “raider” is for the last time increasingly moving from article to article. All have heard, few know exactly what this is. There is so complicated - just anyone can do. So no more talking, let's get straight to the point.

Did you like the neighbor's apartment or car? Or maybe you have a competitor across the street and hard you want to expand your business's account, with minimal costs? Then you have come right place. All you'll need is:

Developed a tight budget. Its components: bribes, commissions for unscrupulous lawyers and "others" - Curve, sauna, drink - relationship building is called.

Some knowledge - both in legislation and personal information - including judges and prosecutors. Specific knowledge are indispensable. The most important people know, the less you will be the budget.

More guts and zero scruples. You know, the guys are making something less worthy and cannot sleep at night. You're not in this, right?

If million job if you do not want to know the world, you need offshore sites. But that's the only reason it is not mandatory. If you can sleep well at night and without them you scratching your head. You have to convince yourself of those listed below.

To keep things simple, we will not talk about banks, gas stations or television. If you try to document how to do just this blog, you do not have the budget for it, anyway. Let's say you have a house, but you do one next to it, in the same yard. But the space you have. If we expand, just down the hill from the account of the neighbor. That does not sell and you do not want to give a lot of money. What are you doing? Two-stage and three moves, everything is resolved for good!

1. A piece of paper and smears on it such that this neighbor, you owes 50,000 euro. Money that he saw from you and you gave him not. But the paperwork writes clear who owes whom.

2. Sue him. But in any court, but where do you have judge. Although or nation, one must live well. He has children to go to English or swimming, more like a Lexus thing. But do not be careful, it will cost you much less in the end.

3. Without even knowing neighbor, judgment takes place in the present that as evidence of debt - those 50 000 euro that you want to save them from this transaction. The judge decided that the debt, already the neighbor's house is yours! Next month bills at your next house wine, legally, you, the new owner, so IAI pretty and come with a bailiff to sweep the house without any fear. The law is on your side. Prosecutor will raise the shoulders, because, among other things, is your second cousin. They will do the job within the law. Will not do anything that is not written in law, although we all know that what the law does not prohibit, is basically illegal. This principle applies, but only when need.

4. Subsequently do what you want and how you want. Sell house good money and you washed your hands. He did, where new buyer know where you got home? Documents are usually solid. You have done what you did, but he did not know (or may not know) And this, fool, already ex-your neighbor, let judgment go through years to come. Until reaching his case in court house can change, legal, 15 owners.

Work, however, can be made more sophisticated and show the world without getting finger. You open a company in the Seychelles, which comes with the same paperwork to court and take the first step. After that sell the house of a certain John from New Zealand, who later sold it to you did. And are very ok. Do not you say one thing, because not only you as John seized the house, right? How do you know them all? He knew absolutely nothing (possibly).

You saw how easy? Anyone can do it! So quick to work. Strategically speaking, if you have some gaps in this chapter, you should start with judges and prosecutors. It is a myth that justice is not independent in this country. They are completely independent, including independent by law. They also have immunity. And if it and try to sanction a judge on a case or another, the Superior Council of Magistrates, who have to discipline them, they will defend. For the vast majority of members of this institution are all judges, all independent, all with immunity.

Next year can you set higher targets, be creative, more complicated scheme. Now you have money, you business. Ideally, make yourself member - just in case. You know what tomorrow brings ...

Good luck, my friend!