Tuesday, November 20, 2012


518 / 518i - is avoided. Although the motor M10 is as reliable as an M30, power is still too small for an E28 body. Maybe it would be interesting a 518i, the first rear-wheel drive car to a young man who just took driver's license: body gives good protection in case of accident, the engine is lively but not allow excesses. In addition, it is a good platform to learn / practice auto mechanics. However, to avoid carburettor version.

520i and 525e - The ideal choice if you want something powerful, but at a minimum fuel consumption. M20 engine is, in terms of conception and electronics, the most modern available on the E28 (M88 engine except the M5). The 525e engine has good torque, but refuses to be joined - it behaves almost like a diesel. On the other hand, 520i climb nimbly shifts, but provides a lower torque and eat some more.

524d / 524td - avoid. Equipped with M21, the first diesel engine from BMW. Although it is a reliable engine, is far outweighed by the current diesels. Dynamic performance is, again, weak. If you still want necessarily a diesel, set 524td (turbo) 115 hp.

525i - Not bad, but there are better options. Although, 150 hp and equipped with M30 engine, renowned for its reliability, it seems a good choice, it is better to look for a 528i, which has 184 hp, has the same engine (other displacement) and consumes about as much .

528i - The ideal choice if you prefer sporty, but it will not care how much you spend on gas. Although the 2.8l M30 engine has 184 horsepower, up from the 218 hp of the 3.5l M30 engine from the 535i, a compression ratio of 9.3:1 accept unleaded, regular (CO 95). 528i 535i consumes about as much as (just an idea less in town), but the 2.8l engine feels better at higher speeds than the 3.5l.

535i / M535i - top of the range. Do not be fooled by the "M" in the model name M535i. The engines are identical to those in 535i. Settings differ only the suspension (springs, dampers) and kit front bar rear trunk spoiler skirts (known as "M-Tech Kit"). There are two types of engine 3430 cc M30 available: one 218 hp and one 185 hp. The difference resulting from compression ratio: 10:1, or 8:1 (resulting from the use of different pistons: the "hump" and the "dip").

218 hp engine is the most powerful available on the E28, except for M5. However, considering the fact that the compression is not new, run the risk of problems if you do not use gasoline CO 98 or more ($ co yours!).

185 hp version has a catalyst. Low compression ratio allows it to work with any gas. In terms of dynamic 528i is similar, but offers two main advantages: better torque and electronic management Motronic (L-Jetronic from the 528i).

Another interesting aspect: 185CP engine turbo M106 is identical to the E23 7 Series 745i, minus turbo, turbo accessories and sodium cooled exhaust valves. By installing a turbo kit can easily be brought to 300 .. 350 hp (and not recommended to go more than this value, because there is a little touch on the transmission and suspension from the E28).

M5 - Super Car! The first BMW M5 history. M88 3.5l engine and the 286 hp version had a catalytic converter available in the U.S., as S38 and offering 256 hp. S38 engine was further developed and continued the E34 M5, reaching 315 hp, then 340 hp. If you have an E28 M5're one of the lucky owners of BMW in the world. The car is absolutely fabulous. One thing is to remember: engine M88 / S38 is demanding, difficult to maintain and a lot of money.

There is a car for those with tight purse.

Recommendations at a glance:

- 528i, for sportsmanship, but in terms of cost saving gasoline;

- 535i to 218 hp for maximum sportiness (without limitation fuel costs);

- 185 hp 535i, 528i kind, with more torque, and you will be turbo can sometime;

- 525e to low;

- 520i, 525e kind, but something more dynamic;

- M5 perfection (as long as money is not a problem);

- 518i, BMW only in the first position of a young man who has just got his driving license.

Avoid: 518, 524d, 524td.

Technical issues recommendations (for E28 features)