Tuesday, November 20, 2012

E28 BMW Buyer's Guide PRO and AGAINST

5 Series E28 is basically the latest generation of the BMW 5 Series designed to provide a sporty family car. Generations of the 5 Series (E34, E39, E60), although continued sporting tradition, but made serious compromises to comfort advantage.

For the "purists" BMW 5 Series E28 is E24 6 Series with the most powerful BMW "shark nose". In terms of spottiness, E28 is even more agile than E24 because the latter is more difficult.

Low weight (about 1250 . 1400 Kg, depending on the model) and allows a better distribution of loads to be more athletic E28 than a E34 and even face some newer BMWs (sure, we refer to engines similar powers). However, it is a bad choice as a track car - an E30 is more suitable.

Behaviour of an E28 road is good, provided that the suspension be in perfect condition. Sure, do not expect to keep up with modern BMWs (suspension design is, however, overwhelmed by today's standards).

However, unlike BMWs new separating the driver from the car with too many electronic control systems, E28 provides very good feedback on the road. Machine sends all the details - just them "read".

You will be surprised to find that inside is more space in a E28 than a E34 or E39? I do not know to explain why.

E28 BMW's reliability is above average, being only slightly after 5 Series E34 in this chapter. E34 is considered (arguably) BMW with the best reliability - E28 is still exceeded the reliability of electrical equipment (which abound in E34 and E28 are very rare).

Engines are, as almost any BMW, renowned for their reliability.

into dialogue yet so old (are 18 years old), is unlikely to find an E28 in perfect condition. Furthermore, thanks to laws that restricted the import of used cars, almost all E28 BMWs now legally registered in Romania entered the country before 1995, so they roll long stages on the roads and streets of poor quality in Romania. In addition, this means that it is likely that, in their long history in Romania, to be hit in the hands of owners who have dog catcher simply.

Although average purchase price of an E28 is super attractive - is around 1000 .. 2800 EUR, depending on model and condition technique - you should expect to will still cost at least 1000 EUR bring the car to a decent technical condition. Unless you are lucky the way out and got one of the rare E28 appropriately groomed.

In terms of equipment and features, the E28 is a Spartan car, even primitive compared to today's standards. Air conditioning was optional. There was no pollen filter. There was no airbags or belt tensionless. ABS - available only on high-end models. No way to other electronic systems support management. However, the lack of such equipment now considered "standard" in your car is not necessarily a disadvantage: the remarkable reliability of the car is due to this very simple. In terms of passive safety, E28 chassis proved very well to protect occupants in case of impact, even without airbags. With one condition: that is not affected by rust, the critical elements conceptually takeover shock on impact.

Engines, although very reliable (especially M30) are far behind the times. Except for the M5 M88 engine, all have two valves per cylinder and classic design - from 5500 RPM to 5000 .. starting to ceiling. Reported in displacement, power output of these engines stirs ironic smiles now. In addition, consume more fuel, some even a lot of gasoline. These disadvantages inherent add wear (rarely find an engine that ran under 200,000 km).

Another major disadvantage is the E28's drag coefficient very low (0.37 .. 0.39, depending on the model). For this reason, the same engine power, top speed is significantly lower other newer models, but with better aerodynamics. For example, the speed of an E60 5 Series 525i (192 hp) is 238 km / h (drag: 0.28), while a 5-Series E28 535i (218 hp) maximum catch 225 km / h Even the E28 M5 286 HP does not exceed 245 km / h Compare with E60 530i for 231CP, which is limited electronically to 250 km / h