Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The front suspension Achilles heel. If it is in perfect condition, excellent car behaves. But bushings tend to wear out quite quickly and appear vibrations in the steering wheel when braking, especially in the range of speed 100Km / h - 70 km / h Found on the net a lot of material about E28 BMW's suspension and remedial solutions.

Direction is by recirculation ball mechanism. A solution obsolete. Prompt response is less than one direction rack. In addition, over time, get game steering boxes. Although there is a screw off the game, it can not be cancelled completely, especially after turnovers of over 150,000 km. So, think you have to accept less games in direction.

Kinematics chain from the output shaft to rotate the steering box contains not less than 5 arms and 6 bolts (!), However, has a good reliability and pivots (bar ends) from belittle change direction very easy.

The rear suspension is very solid. A possible exception is the sub frame bushings that attach the body (although very hard to replace). Post 1984 models are preferable since they were introduced to the mini-power link connecting the sub frame and suspension arms provide a more rigorous geometry (mini-power link that is present at E34 and E32, so E28 interchangeable). Check the last time they were changed dampers

An E28 has good brakes, but not spectacular. Top of the range models have ABS. Ventilated discs front, solid discs at the rear. The good news is that they can be transformed into spectacular brakes: front brakes (discs hangers through this understanding callipers brake pads) can be obtained without any change in the 7 Series E32 (preferably) or 5 Series E34 and rear brakes from series 5 E34. Note that, if the brakes retrieve E32 / E34, you need rims min. 15 ".

In models with M30 engine, is hydraulically assisted braking circuit. Works perfectly, but when older, make more problems than pneumatically assisted braking. Hydraulic brake booster pressure accumulator depends, to be replaced after approx. 120,000 Km.

Note: versions with hydraulic assisted braking and ABS, when you have the engine running and the car seat, pressing the brake pedal will suddenly find that it is somewhat elastic that it can reach almost to the floor. No matter how strange it may seem, is a normal behaviour. Obviously, provided that there are no leaks brake fluid, or air in the circuit.

Depending on their age and condition of the car, rubber hoses brakes (6 in number) may have been changed.

E28 has too few electronic components can be damaged. But it does not bypass the usual electrical problems.

Engines are preferred Medtronic management (get rid of Delco). Top of the range models have ABS.

Failure to reset the service indicator mean you should change the batteries in your dashboard. Pay attention to thorough cleaning of all the fuses and their sockets. Type fuses are old (as the Dacia 1300) and oxidizes quickly. Also, clean the cables that connect the motor to the table. You: negative cable from the battery, the cable that connects the rocker arms cover the bulkhead between engine and passenger compartment, the cable that connects the engine to the chassis right support.

The wheel arches have firewall, and water and entrained particles directly Sandblast wheels and wings of the wheel. Although corrosion protection is pretty good, attention to rust in the wheel arches, the ends thresholds, lower doors, around the rear lights under trunk weather-strips.

If the car has wheels TRX (200/60x390 recognize them after encoding type or 220/55x390 the wheel), note that it is practically impossible to find replacement tires. Need to replace the rims and tires 15 ", 16" or 17 ".

For sporty, ideal size is 225/50x16 on wheels E28 7.5 "x16" ET20.

The economy (within a good ride), I recommend 205/60x15 on rims 7 "x15" ET20, taken from an E34/E32.

Columns "B" of the body (of the doors) have a bad habit of cracking even in the place where the catch ceiling. Revolve problem with welding done professionally.

Exhaust dies after about 150,000 km and it is not cheap to replace it, if you use original BMW parts. But the Arabs Colentina cheap and reasonably good parts.

Trunk weather-strip from aging and often let water flow in the trunk. No wonder if you find rust under the seal and around the rear lights.

E28 has two fuel pumps: one auxiliary tank, the main one outside it. The tank breaks down frequently. Car only main pump goes OK, but you might notice overworked and hesitation when the fuel tank is below 1/4.

After buying an E28, I recommend you immediately change all fluids: oil (filter) engine oil, gearbox oil, differential oil (ATF) steering, coolant, brake fluid.