Monday, November 19, 2012

Shopping guide to car seats for children

What could be more important than the safety of our own children? Are safety car seats for their children, or just a fad? Studies show that in a car that runs with a speed of 48 km / h, when a collision, a child weighing 9 kg is designed with a momentum of 275 kg * m / s It is unlikely that a parent can protect their child in such situations. Real conclusion is that yes we need these devices. The role of these car seats car is not just to provide some comfort, he summarizes the entire child's needs car. Is a car seat that you find in most stores but remain the most appropriate specialized physical or online stores that deal exclusively and are dedicated only to children and especially babies?

Car seats car due to the advancement in technology may be anchoring the car seatbelt or sofa, this system became mandatory for car manufacturers, but attention parents frequently encountered mistake is not using additional clamping system (anchor) seat self. We talk about a wide range when it comes to seat design, its form, find various designs, colors and prints of pouch cover you, and depending on the model you want after your possibilities need or materials.

Recommendations for car seats are not and are not random, to have or acquire such a product is not enough, we recommend parents to do a little bit rough study to document baby car seat before deciding on the final model as they are dispensed into appropriate age groups and depending on the child's weight. Please note that these are rigorously tested and verified they are approved and certified in accordance with European standards.

If we allow some suggestions to help you to target your child seat according to age.

Child car seat group 0.1 (0 - 18kg) Remi Plus car seat with a nice design, practical, equipped with extra pillows that can be removed when baby grows, the colors are different.

The age group 1,2,3 (9 - 36kg) you can choose a car seat Star Comfort quality and price is good Alagi with an anatomical shape that provides good comfort children, this form ensures enhanced protection from side impact, setting the car is 3 points (sliding or fixed), a model of car seat easy to install on any type of car and of course we detachable backrest allowing later when child grows its transformation uplifting self assembly. For the most discerning of parents we have a range like Deluxe City Traveller car seat that is found in the new range of products Safety Rider protects all body areas, robust adjustable headrest, backrest of the car seat can be adjusted in different positions thanks setting it offers a good resting position for the child.