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Guide a beginner raider
If you are reading this, then you are at least curious what this word “raider” is for the last time increasingly moving from article to article. All have heard, few know exactly what this is. There is so complicated - just anyone can do. So no more talking, let's get straight to the point.

Did you like the neighbor's apartment or car? Or maybe you have a competitor across the street and hard you want to expand your business's account, with minimal costs? Then you have come right place. All you'll need is:

Developed a tight budget. Its components: bribes, commissions for unscrupulous lawyers and "others" - Curve, sauna, drink - relationship building is called.

Some knowledge - both in legislation and personal information - including judges and prosecutors. Specific knowledge are indispensable. The most important people know, the less you will be the budget.

More guts and zero scruples. You know, the guys are making something less worthy and cannot sleep at night. You're not in this, right?

If million job if you do not want to know the world, you need offshore sites. But that's the only reason it is not mandatory. If you can sleep well at night and without them you scratching your head. You have to convince yourself of those listed below.

To keep things simple, we will not talk about banks, gas stations or television. If you try to document how to do just this blog, you do not have the budget for it, anyway. Let's say you have a house, but you do one next to it, in the same yard. But the space you have. If we expand, just down the hill from the account of the neighbor. That does not sell and you do not want to give a lot of money. What are you doing? Two-stage and three moves, everything is resolved for good!

1. A piece of paper and smears on it such that this neighbor, you owes 50,000 euro. Money that he saw from you and you gave him not. But the paperwork writes clear who owes whom.

2. Sue him. But in any court, but where do you have judge. Although or nation, one must live well. He has children to go to English or swimming, more like a Lexus thing. But do not be careful, it will cost you much less in the end.

3. Without even knowing neighbor, judgment takes place in the present that as evidence of debt - those 50 000 euro that you want to save them from this transaction. The judge decided that the debt, already the neighbor's house is yours! Next month bills at your next house wine, legally, you, the new owner, so IAI pretty and come with a bailiff to sweep the house without any fear. The law is on your side. Prosecutor will raise the shoulders, because, among other things, is your second cousin. They will do the job within the law. Will not do anything that is not written in law, although we all know that what the law does not prohibit, is basically illegal. This principle applies, but only when need.

4. Subsequently do what you want and how you want. Sell house good money and you washed your hands. He did, where new buyer know where you got home? Documents are usually solid. You have done what you did, but he did not know (or may not know) And this, fool, already ex-your neighbor, let judgment go through years to come. Until reaching his case in court house can change, legal, 15 owners.

Work, however, can be made more sophisticated and show the world without getting finger. You open a company in the Seychelles, which comes with the same paperwork to court and take the first step. After that sell the house of a certain John from New Zealand, who later sold it to you did. And are very ok. Do not you say one thing, because not only you as John seized the house, right? How do you know them all? He knew absolutely nothing (possibly).

You saw how easy? Anyone can do it! So quick to work. Strategically speaking, if you have some gaps in this chapter, you should start with judges and prosecutors. It is a myth that justice is not independent in this country. They are completely independent, including independent by law. They also have immunity. And if it and try to sanction a judge on a case or another, the Superior Council of Magistrates, who have to discipline them, they will defend. For the vast majority of members of this institution are all judges, all independent, all with immunity.

Next year can you set higher targets, be creative, more complicated scheme. Now you have money, you business. Ideally, make yourself member - just in case. You know what tomorrow brings ...

Good luck, my friend!